Monday, August 16, 2010

John Trikeriotis

As a lecturer to schools and academies with respect to the 300 Spartans, John Trikeriotis, is also one of the members of the scholarly group, The Leonidas Expeditions. Comprised of academics, archaeologists and authors, its objectives are to locate several areas pivotal to one of ancient history's iconic last stands, the Battle of Thermopylae.

Mr. Trikeriotis has conducted several interviews for radio and print about Warner Bros. '300', where he discussed the significance of the battle along with the factual and fictional elements of the movie. As the webmaster of, his site is used as a resource by libraries, schools and other websites, as it has extensive sections about the battle and its combatants. In addition, as the founder of the living history group 'Warriors of Thermopylae', he has appeared at educational facilities within the United States as the representative of its members, who have collectively spent countless hours researching the armour, weaponry and tactics of the feared battle formation known as the Spartan phalanx.

It is our desire at Daniyal Steel Crafts to create shields and armour for those who require authenticity relative to the 300 Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae, therefore, we are honoured to have John guide us as historical consultant in this pursuit.

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  1. How do I order you products? I am a huge fan, but do not know how to go about purchasing your armor. I am a spartan, and Marine Corps combat veteran. OOr-ah!!!